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Book review: The Healing Touch by Tita Horvat

Tina goes the gym, teaches at the local school, and is the friendly neighbourhood dog lady. 51oiireq0jlNot in the sense she keeps them, but even after her own dog died she continued to carry dog biscuits, relishing in the joy such small tokens gave. She had, like any woman, had her fair share of heartbreak, and was done looking for Mr Right. That was until she laid eyes on David. David was handsome, there was just one catch, he lived with her neighbour, Rob. Still, even with Romance off the table she found his company enjoyable. Then one night she sees her neighbour Rob, with another man, she learns from David he has apparently taken a job elsewhere, leaving him alone, without even the dog for company. The two bond, helping each other through their own different hardships, and experience a friendship like Tina has never known.

At 97 pages this romance tale manages to create a good idea of character Tina, dog lover and all around nice person. Being written in first person grants us insight into her personality through her thoughts and actions. It is certainly a good fit for the younger audience, (think teen/young/new adult) as the content is clean and sweet.
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