Book review: Things Fall Apart by Tracy Black

Every parent likes to think they’d see the warning signs that something is wrong with 51bm0zjexsl-_sx331_bo1204203200_their child before it is too late. Mandy was no different, sure, her children had the occasion problem, and her hours made it difficult to scrape a living and spend time with them. But still, she thought she knew them. That was until the police knocked at the door with the most terrifying news, her daughter Jenny was in hospital with a suspected drug overdose, all on the same day the school principal reports Jenny’s twin brother, Mark, has been skipping school. The signs had been there, missing jewellery, tempers, but she had been too naive, she never thought her own children would be tempted by Edinburgh’s drug scene. How wrong she had been. Can she hold her broken family together before tragedy further embraces their lives?

Dark, and full of heartbreak we join Mandy through her journey of tragedy. Written in such a manner you can feel and empathise with the mother at every step as she tries her best to support her children while trying to scrape a living together and trying to find answers. There’s an old saying, it takes a town to raise a child, but this town, or city as the case is, is as dark and terrible as can be. A well written, thought promoting and emotional read that could very well be based on a true story. Compelling and real, truly worthy of the five gold stars I’m giving it.
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