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Book review: Hungry Ghosts by Calvin Demmer

Hungry Ghosts is a short horror story written by Calvin Demmer

The Hungry Ghost festival is the most important festival of hungry ghost month in China. hungryThe gates of hell are opened and hungry ghosts are released to find food or to take revenge on those who have behaved badly. Their ancestors present offerings to feed these ghosts, as well as burn clothes, money and items they may need in the after life. But some ghosts are not so easily appeased.

Lara and Ray take a vacation in China in the middle of this festival, they are at a crossroads in their relationship and this vacation, for Lara at least, is make or break. Lara was given a card advising of the correct etiquette to observe during Hungry Ghost month, and already Ray has disrespected their traditions. His whole attitude is wrong, and soon the future of their relationship is the least of their concerns.

This was a really nicely written short story which not only teaches about the Chinese festival but gives you the feel of actually being there. For a short story you get a good feel for the characters, and the situations they are facing. Nicely descriptive with a good flow and certainly suitable to fans of point horror, young adult, and adult horror.

Amazon link: Hungry Ghosts


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