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Book review: Strange Matters by Bret Allen

Strange Matters by Bret Allen is a really fantastic and imaginative collection of short stories, each one different to the next.

There were so many brilliant tales that just choosing one to be my favourite was difficult, but when push comes to shove, I would choose ‘The Firebird.’ I thought, like his other stories, it was masterfully crafted, engrossing, and a real page turner.

Being short stories there is little I can say about the contents without spoiling not only the story, but the atmosphere the author so expertly creates. I will however say this, Strange Matters is a collection of very unique tales which express the author’s talents, not only in imagination, but in his ability to adapt his writing style to one which suits the tale being woven.

I would, without a doubt, recommend this book to anyone. I found myself having to finish the story before bed, I was not content to put it down unless it was finished. For me this is a tell-tale sign of a good book.

In most short stories books I have read, I will often find myself skipping over various stories, or speed reading through them to hurry along the parts I don’t enjoy as much, but this was not the case, every sentence, every word was brilliantly constructed to serve a purpose.

There were some stories that I can imagine will be a basis for further stories in this author’s career, as I have said, there are so many fantastic ideas that I find it hard to believe some characters from the stories won’t be reappearing in future ones.

All in all a fantastic read. I can honestly say I am looking forward to seeing more work from this promising author.

As always, here are the links

US – Strange Matters: Collected Tales of Fantasy, Myth and Magic

UK – Strange Matters: Collected Tales of Fantasy, Myth and Magic





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