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Book review: The Bridge in the Fog by Marc Remus (@MarcRemusArt )

The Bridge in the Fog (Book 3, Magora series) by Marc Remus but works excellently as reviewstand alone. An amazing gate painting made by Holly’s late grandfather, Nikolas, was in fact a portal to the magical world of Magora. When staring into Ms Findley’s crystal ball Holly bears witness to her death, but that is not all it has to reveal, for it shows a haunting image of her grandfather, imprisoned, something that should be impossible if he were indeed dead. There is a chance this apparition could be her grandfather’s double, but one way or another she needs to know. If that alone wasn’t enough, rumours have been circulating about Cuspidor having a daughter, and she has a sinking feeling she knows just who that daughter could be. Little did she know this quest would unleash something beyond even her imagination.

The chapters are a perfect length for the target audience, each written with a style and flare that kept me turning the page. At first I was concerned about picking up the third book in a series, but Marc Remus does a brilliant job of filling in any necessary information to create a self contained story. This is a really well written book with a good balance of characters, development, and plot. It contains the correct mix of descriptive setting and dialogue to engage the reader and ensure they are quickly drawn and invested in the plot. It is filled with imagination and creativity, the creatures within the book are charming and imaginative, I’d be hard pushed to find anyone who wouldn’t be swept up in the magic and fantasy of this book, and the world created. I’m certainly considering heading back to book one to see how all this adventure began.

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