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Book review: Possessed by a Shadow by Ron Williams

Danielle doesn’t know much about her father, only that he must have been a bad man. reviewHer mother rarely spoke of him, only that he had hurt her. At the time she was too young to understand her conception had been the result of rape. On a visit to her uncle, her mother’s brother, Danielle’s life is changed forever. One minute she is telling her uncle how the other children tease her because of her unique eyes, the next he teaches her the real way to wish and something bizarre happens.  She finds herself somewhere else,  and something shares the  space with her. Time moves, and Death’s hand is cruel to Daniel as she grows into a young woman. But as the Death card in a tarot reading revealed, it could also signify a new beginning. Danielle is on the verge of losing everything, until she find something she had never expected, an ancient fetish, hidden away beyond sight, and if the book with is reads true, it could fulfil her every desire, however, everything comes at as price.

Wow, what a gripping and fantastic read. I  loved the portrayal of Danielle’s character, and  watching her pass from child to woman was great. Ron Williams writes with masterful poise and style, bewitching the reader with a thoroughly enjoyable tale. Heartbreak, love, magic, mystery, and horror collide to form a story that is nothing short of masterful. Without a doubt I’ll be keeping an eye out for more work from this author. Prepare to be whisked away in a tale that once it catches you in its thrall will refuse to let you go. I rarely openly recommend a book, but Possessed by a Shadow gets my full recommendation, it is a must read and a credit to the genre.


Book link:

Possessed by a Shadow


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