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Book review: A Killer’s Reflection by Cheryl Denise Bannerman

The signs had been there for anyone to see, but Doug had hid them well. From 51rLcOOhPWL._SY346_the torture of animals to the rape of a peer. But he was perfect in his mother’s eyes, she doted on constantly, something he hatwd, and yet expected from everyone. His mother Sandra lived and breathed for him, much to the resentment of his older brother Charles. As soon as he was able Doug left the stifling environment, and joined the Navy, but his attempts to suppress his desires sent him down a destructive path. A Father, liar, and master manipulator he thinks he is untouchable, or more accurately he thinks he does no wrong, and he expects unadulterated devotion from the women he chooses. Then he takes things too far, but will his charm be enough to see him wriggle from the law’s grasp? Find out in A Killer’s Reflection by Cheryl Denise Bannerman.
This was an surprisingly enjoyable read. Meeting Doug at a young age you gain insights into snippets of his life as he matures, shaping him into what he will ultimately become. There are hints at a darker origin of his development, a hateful influence. Cheryl Denise Bannerman, when writing Doug’s perspective forges a clear image of his character and personality, and when later she approaches Tara’s perspective, creates an amazing account of how her behaviour would alter and her mannerisms change to ensure she didn’t do anything to anger him. The alteration in characters is clearly and real, and A Killer’s reflection touches on serious issues, and makes for a page turning read.
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