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Book review: Dystopia: The Long Road by D.J Cooper (@DJCooper2015)

John loved Amy, she was beautiful, 4157r8Ub0hL._SY346_pristine, and her excellent culinary skills seemed to always ensure he carried an extra few pounds. The two of them couldn’t have been much different, Matt was outdoorsy, a prepper, and with Sept 11th just around the corner it was time to make sure things were in order. Just in case. Then came the newest of the Ebola scare, but something about it didn’t sit right. This broadcast marked the beginning of a hidden threat, and a journey where life itself was the only reward. That, and working out who can be trusted.

Having read the first book it was really interesting to find myself in the same time frame, following the adventure of John and Amy as they attempt to make their way to safety. This was a good read, adding a sense of depth to the characters and also serving to enhance the first book as it is things unseen by the reader in the first. It works well as stand alone, and is a good and realistic read.

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