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Book review: Monsterland by Michael Okon (@IAmMichaelOkon )

Monsterland by Michael Okon is a gripping urban supernatural/ horror. Vincent Konrad swept reviewinto the dying town of Copper Valley like a knight in shining armour. He brought the rights to the pipeline, ensuring people could have water, built a new medical centre, and breathed life and renovation into a dying town. There was of course a catch. He had selected this area for his new themepark, and the government had no objections to the rather unusual idea. Vincent proposed the display of victims of a plague to bring in the tourists. But this was not your normal plague, and no decision had been reached if these ‘people’ should have rights. Following a devastating event things Vincent referred to as Zombies began to appear, but that is not all Monsterland has to offer, oh no, vampires, and werewolves are also offered sanctuary, a place to be safe and thrive. Monsterland is about to execute a simultaneous opening all over the world, monsters and humans come face to face in real life for the first time, what could possibly go wrong? It is time to settle the debate once and for all, who is the better monster, vampire, werewolf, zombie, or human.

This book has a charm often lost in supernatural stories. Michael Okon sets a brilliant scene where you can hear and see the world coming to life before your eyes, you don’t read this book, you live it. Filled with atmosphere, horror, heart warming character interactions, and an excellent level of tension building and attention to detail. The book dynamics, down to the strife in Wyatt’s home, are perfect. Monsterland makes for a fun yet harrowing horror read, with injections of comedy, and masterful execution.


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