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Book review: Rae Leah’s Salvation by Aidan Stone

Rae Leah’s Salvation is a fantasy fiction by author Aidan Stone, and the sequel to The Power of the Stones making it the second book in the Tales from  Aelfyce series

Prophecies, to those deemed unjust, are always a cause for concern, especially when they 6x9-rae-leahs-salvationforetell of a person who will wield ultimate power and bring a new age into existence. A ruler, or many in fact, may even go so far as to outlaw a name, and hunt down all those possessing it.  But such acts are inconsequential, only a fool believes they can outsmart fate.  After all, it always finds a way to reap what it has sown, even if the means turn out a little unorthodox and boundaries, unbreached for time untold, are crossed.

Wesley had been hunting with Emrick. They were skilled, brothers in arms, and together they felled large and small game, hunting from coast to coast, border to border, wherever the boundaries would allow. But this last hunt had been different. Casting aside their normal routine they had gone to the borders of some protected land, where to hunt within could mean certain death. It was a good thing they had no intention of breaching the boundary, and their prey had no concept of such man-made territories. It was just a matter of waiting. And wait they did. But whilst they hunted their prey, fate had zeroed in on the one needed to fulfill an ancient prophecy, it simply needed to ensure he found himself exactly where it needed him. Another world, one where power is rule, and people live in fear.
Rae Leah’s Salvation, Aelfyce tale book two, by Aidan Stone is the sequel to The Power of the Stones and is every bit as gripping as its predecessor. We return to a cast of familiar characters, whilst enjoying the journey of Wesley, the protagonist of this tale.  I loved seeing how time had changed the characters from the first book,  and what fate had in store for them. Aidan Stone’s narrative voice draws the reader in,  inviting them into the tale,  conjuring vivid imagery and deep understanding,  whilst also allowing the reader’s imagination to run free.  The book works well as a stand alone tale but,  given how much I enjoyed them both, I’d recommend starting at book one in order to get a feel for the characters,  and understand why things are the way they are. This is one series I’ll be following to completion,  already I am eager to discover where the adventure leads next.
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