Book review: The Anaerris Code: Part 1 the Gemma by L.K. Kelley

Gem thought she was a normal young woman, well almost, there was a slight incident 51LzAofuvpLfive years ago, but she had successfully hidden that strange happening since and chalked it up to just part of who she was. The thing is Gem has no idea who she actually is, or the potential she holds. In fact, no one in her life does, and boy are they in for a surprise when they find out. Gem is a prophecy made flesh, and those in her life must now protect her above all else. She is the only one of her kind, and the one deemed the protector of the codex. She has a potential beyond all beings, for she is the sum of all their parts, and could very well be the most powerful being in existence, and it is power she will need if she hopes to save not only Earth, but the universe and those who dwell within.

I always enjoy a good book by author L.K. Kelley and I have to say I am already hooked on this new series. There’s a whole new take on tried and tested mythos along with some very imaginative adaptations and explanations. I am really looking forward to seeing the direction this takes. As with all of L.K. Kelley’s books there are scenes for the mature reader, and whilst definitely erotic the plot does not rely on them. The story, narrative, and plot, along with the depth and development of characters make this an immersive and imaginative read that leaves you wanting more.

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