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Book review: Tomoiya’s Story: Escape To Darkness by C.A. King

Tomoiya ‘s whole universe had just expanded. No longer was the known bathed only by 51LzAofuvpLsuns of orange and yellow light. Another side had been discovered, the dark to the light where the suns covered the land in shadow. What starts as a tale of Tomoiya becomes a focus for the book within her possession, the story of Allaynie. The books ends on the eve of her wedding, but that was not where her journey stopped, and the lesson needed had not been learnt. Travelling through the stars Tomoiya learns the truth behind the tale, and how close her own life intertwines with a figure she had once believed to be only fictional.

C.A. King does what few authors have succeeded in doing. She has taken the stale and over-used vampire mythos and breathed fresh life into its decaying form. I thoroughly enjoyed reading, in fact I did so in a single sitting never once taking my eyes from the well-designed plot which alters the source of vampire legends in a way that could easily be so true to life, yet one I’ve never seen before. Just a single person can change everything, and in this tale they certainly do. This is one series I will certainly be investing my time in. It is a strong first book for what promises to be an interesting and imaginative series.
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