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Book review: Sleeping Beauty (Flirtatious Fairytales Book 2)

indexSleeping Beauty (Flirtatious Fairytales Book 2) by Jess James is a fairytale with a difference. This is not the kind of book to read to your children before bed, this is geared towards adults. We all know the story of sleeping beauty, but Jess has adapted the story into one of sex, lust, and betrayal. Mistress M was befriends a young girl known as Rose, who lives in the forest with her three aunts. She introduces Rose to a whole new world, but behind her motives is a dark and sinister plot.

Written in a style that will appeal to the 18+ the familiar tale is re-spun in a fun style. Tastefully written and charismatic. Easy to read in a single sitting, brilliant since you won’t won’t to put it down.

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UK Sleeping Beauty

US Sleeping Beauty


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