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KLS-9, or Kerry, has been living on the run. Undocumented, unwanted. For  41tLNO7+wELthree years she has lived in Horizon, paid her rent, and fought with killer migraines. She’s not sure exactly what happened, how she came to be here. There are patches of darkness in her past, and they continue to expand into her present. Then it happens. She remembers a fight with her landlord, when his body is discovered she knows she can’t afford to stay in one place too long. She has to keep moving, or be discovered. She escaped from the Institute once, she doesn’t want to find out if she could do it again. The thing is, her problems move with her, the little voice follows her wherever she goes, and the more she comes to understand it, the more she fears what it can do.I

Ireally enjoyed reading KLS-9, when I first started reading it I thought it would pan out to be something a little bit X-men in style, I was wrong. Politics, weapons,  and manipulation make up just a fraction of the tale. It was an easy read, enjoyable, with action and mystery as Kerry tries to discover who and what she is, while trying to evade the Tracker who seeks to capture her.

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