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Book review: Amie: African Adventure by Lucinda E Clarke (@LucindaEClarke )

Amie’s plan for the future had been simple. She married Jonathon, they would buy a nice reviewhouse, big enough for a small family. Their children would go to the same school they had, and things would move along in comfortable bliss. Old friends and familiar settings. Sure there had been considerations of a short move up the country, but when Jonathon took her to dinner to discuss a career opportunity in Africa she didn’t know what to think. Just like that her plans, what she thought had been their plans, had been derailed. A once in a lifetime opportunity had been offered to Jonathon, a move to Africa. Amie has to adapt, and quickly, but doing so is exactly what lands her in hot water.

Having emigrated myself I understood a lot of the fears experienced by Amie, and feel the author brilliantly portrays the initial concerns of moving. In fact some of the airport experiences were all too familiar. The author successfully weaves a captivating story and portrays Africa well from an outsider’s perspective. I have family in Africa who emigrated many decades ago, and some of the books observations mirrored their own. A good read and a gripping adventure with atmospheric narrative that will keep you turning page after page.

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Amie: African Adventure



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