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Book review: Tabula Rasa: The end is nigh by Gordon Bickerstaff (@ADPase )

When they attacked Zoe Tampsin in her own home they made the worst possible mistake of their lives. Zoe had received a mission directly from the PM, she was the best of the reviewbest. None of them gave a thought to how easily they had subdued the renowned and feared woman. Now she is on the hunt for revenge. Her attackers didn’t realise they had provided Zoe with intel even she was unaware of. The words Tabula Rasa. It is time for Zoe to get to the bottom of this once and for all. Her mission had been to locate Ramsey, the son of a deceased scientist. When things get scientific, the Lambeth group get Gavin Shawlens. He and Zoe embark on the quest with no idea the true depths of what they will uncover, the end is nigh, but no one seems to realise it.

This is the fifth book of the Lambeth Group Thrillers. To date I have read each one of these, and have enjoyed them all. I was excited to finally find time to read this one. There is so much built from the first book to this one, and the relationships forged continue to grow and change. Each book is self-contained, and individual in plot, premise, and ideas. The Lambeth series is certainly one of my favourite thriller series, and like its predecessors has been written with skill and attention to detail. You will find yourself lost in the story, journeying beside the characters, and be prepared for some amazing revelations. Gordon Bickerstaff has certainly set the bar for writers of this genre, and I am hoping to see more from the Lambeth Group Thrillers soon.

Book link:

Tabula Rasa: The end is nigh


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