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Book review: Key to the Journey by Rue (@WriterRue )

Key to the Journey is the second book in The Chronicles of Hawthorne, and like the first book is a fantastic read. It picks up from where book one finishes. Flynn is dragged reviewbefore the coven, and the latest discovery ensures she is removed from all her initiate training. Hazel speeds to Dreamwood Forest hoping to seek the aid of the three hundred year old witch within, and realised too late that she lacks the skill to ensure she reaches there safely. She awakes to find herself a prisoner of the forest, hunted and stalked by unseen predictors. Flynn, fearing for her friend risks all to save her  unaware these are the first steps of her own long and dangerous journey.

This is yet another skilfully woven tale by author Rue. I find it hard to believe I finished it so quickly. The book barely left from my hand from the moment I opened it. I was captivated by the story, eager to discover what lay in store for Flynn. More depth is added to characters as we witness the blooming and strengthening of relationships, and uncover secret agendas and hidden motives. The danger Flynn is destined to stop draws ever closer, and more truth about her origins come to light. I can’t wait to pick up book three.

Book link:

Key to the Journey


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