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Book review: An Average Curse by Rue (@WriterRue )

It started with a prophecy. The ninth daughter of Temarama would repair the book of Shadow and Light, bring back spirit magic, and be the saviour of Aotearoa. That is a lot of pressure for a child, especially when they fail to live up to expectations at every turn. reviewFlynn Hawthorne was expected to be marvellous, possess gifts beyond comprehension, but she had been born a watcher, non-magical, unable to create even the simplest of spells. She was a disappointment, and no one was ashamed to let her know just how deep their disappointment ran. Her only friend, Hazel, had failed her initiation, but given the depth of her power Flynn questioned if this had been intentional so that she may aid her in hers, and so starts the great description. With Hazel’s help Flynn pretends to wield a power she had no access to. Magic runs throughout the land, and she had long heard whispers of a poison contaminating the water near the veil of mist, now people of her own town are acting peculiar. The Shadow Coven seems to be making its move, and she must find a way to stop them, for the sake of everything.
Written with charm of a fairy-tale and the depth of high fantasy Hawthorne is an amazing fantasy read. From the first lines of the prologue I was whisked into a magical world where charm and magic run parallel to danger and fear. The setting is wonderful, the training in magic, charming. I loved watching the characters relationships and understandings growth. At the time of writing this I have not only purchased book two, but I have started it. An Average curse is a strong, whimsical, and fantastic first book to what looks to be a very promising series. I can’t wait to find out what happens next.
Book link:

An Average Curse


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