Book review: Agents of Shadow by Richard Crofton

Jamie had been raised virtuous, she planned to do great things, to make a difference. She review imageexcelled in every aspect of her chosen career path. She had great plans, and a fantastic mentor. One who offered her the opportunity of her dreams. She thought her dream would come true, but her prayers were not answered. Quite the opposite in fact. Jamie was only the beginning, the Dark Year is once again upon the Agents of Shadow, and they seek now to complete a rite which few of their expansive circles have ever accomplished, worse still, it seems there is no one to stand in their way, to stop them seizing this ultimate power.

Richard Crofton’s Agents of Shadow is the first book in The Keepers of White trilogy. It is not for the faint of heart, focusing around the dark and cruel ambitions of the Agents of Shadows. We see just how far power corrupts, and the lengths people will go to taste it. An immersive read that makes the reader question who can be trusted, and who, if indeed anyone, will step forth to quell the evil before it claims its next victim. Gripping and dark, with a hook that ensures you’ll grab the next book. I look forward to reading more of this series, and soon.

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