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Book review: Save Her Soul by Amanda J Evans

Blinded by grief and rage over the brutal murder of her sister Kate vows revenge. She review imageswears a solemn oath to not only bring down those responsible but see that the orchestrator suffers as much as her sister did. She has meticulously plotted her revenge, and nothing will stand in her way.

Drake has been charged with watching over Kate for centuries, ensuring her soul returns to hell where it belongs. The guardians think him to be protecting her, but secretly he guides her towards evil, and this time should be no different, except for it is her last chance for salvation. If Kate takes another life she is doomed forever. He watches eagerly, but something about this incarnation is different, something about Kate calls​ to him like never before. Soon Drake himself wonders if he should believe the ancient prophecy, should he be seeking to save rather than condemn?

Written in alternating perspective from Kate and Drake’s view Save her Soul is an immersive read filled with Kate’s raw emotions as she seeks revenge. I enjoyed the flowing writing style of Amanda Evans’ work and found it difficult to put down, I always wanted to read that extra page, which soon became an extra chapter. It is a simple story of love and revenge filled with the complexities of human emotion. I’ve read work by this author before, and this book did not disappoint.

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