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Book review: Destiny Series: Five Novelettes With A Twist by Casi McLean

Destiny Series: Five Novelettes With A Twist by Casi McLean is a wonderful collection of five short stories. Fate plays destinya role in everyone’s future, and to some nothing short of a miracle is needed to ensure things are as they should be. From strange happenings, alternate lives, all the way to time travel, this collection has something for everyone and shows deep insight into the author’s diversity.

Casi McLean shows great talent, creating five short yet captivating tales. Each filled with vivid characters, different plots, and unique twists, all encompassing a single theme, destiny. From paranormal to enchanting, these stories contain a touch of magic to warm the heart.

I have to say I really enjoyed all five of the stories, but if I had to choose one to be a favourite it would have to be the second. For me it had a very ‘It’s a wonderful life.’ feel to it. It was beautifully descriptive and the scenes were set perfectly. But making a choice between them is hard, each tale has so much to offer and its own little piece of magic. It’s very difficult to write a review without giving away spoilers, so I’ll simply say this, if you enjoy paranormal, romance and tales woven on fate this is a book that you will love.

Here’s the link on Amazon: Destiny Series: Five Novelettes With A Twist


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