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Book review: Demorn: Blade of Exile (The Asanti Series Book 1) by David Finn

Demorn: Blade of Exile is a fast paced action/sci-fi which follows the gripping adventure of Demorn, a mercenary for hire within the ranks of the Innocents. Her blade and gun will serve any who are willing to pay,   but her journey, the secrets she uncovers come with a price.

This is not the kind of book you want to put down. The story is unique, and the author weaves a complex tale staged through various realities the one constant, Demorn. But exactly how much she remembers of herself, of her mission, of what must be done, is left to the hands of the Gods who exploit her.

The author is very gifted in creating a very visual and propelling tale. He shows no mercy in throwing you straight into Demorn’s world and battles. I was hooked on this from the moment I picked it up, the first chapters alone are amazing, strong, and well written which sets the pace for the rest of the book. (Don’t forget you can try a sample for free on Amazon and see what I mean)

Here are the links:

UK: Demorn: Blade of Exile

US: Demorn: Blade of Exile


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