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Book review: Breathe by Layden Robinson

I was recently approached by author Layden Robinson and asked if I would be willing to review their book Breathe. It is a collection of 12 stories based on the human condition. The tales range from horror to erotic, and each in their own way are thought provoking.
As with any collection of short stories there are those that really stand out, for me ‘A Fellow’s Grievance’ was one such tale. It had a fantastic rhythm to the writing and was everything I imagine it intended to be, dark and thought provoking. For me, this was the point I became drawn into the book, the earlier few stories were not to my taste, not to say they were bad, but everyone has their likes and dislikes when it comes to a story. Others which stood out to me were ‘Knowing’ and ‘Dos’.

The author has a unique style which differs slightly between tales in ways which enhance the telling. I particularly liked how the first story set the stage for the style of the others, and all subsequent tales could have in fact have been woven and produced by the person from the first. Whether this was intentional or not I am unsure, but given that the first and second tale share a name I am inclined to believe it is.
It is clear a lot of thought went into how this work was presented, and although all stories won’t be for everyone, within this collection there is bound to be something to catch the imagination.
I gave this book a five star rating because although there were stories within I did not enjoy, it is not a reflection on the work itself, rather my own tastes and I feel it important to make this distinction.
As always here’s the link:

UK: Breathe

US: Breathe


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