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Book review: Saving Tuma by Molly McGee

Wendy, Much to her mother’s disapproval, was a tomboy. She would rather scavenge 51nkdzv9gslthrough the woods than sit at a hairdresser, or do anything girly for that matter. She had a mind for an adventure, and the imagination to pursue one, but even  she had not dreamed of discovering a whole new world. Drawn in to Tuma she discovers that she, and her friends are deemed the saviours. Their arrival has been awaited for a very long time. Humans are dangerously close to driving the Tumans to extinction. They don’t even know they are harming their world. Wendy, Cara, and Daniel must work together to devise a means to save the Tumans, before man’s latest expansion drives them to extinction.

Saving Tuma reminded me a little of Ferngully, humans recruited to save an ecosystem being destroyed by development and man as deforestation has a direct effect on the world unseen by the human eye. But it is also a story about growing up, change, and how even the smallest person can make a big difference. It’s well-written for its target audience and is something I will enjoy sharing with my son when he is older. It teaches important lessons, morals, and values, and also instills the notion  of responsibility, not just as a race, but as an individual too.

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Saving Tuma




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