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Book review Sometimes it rains in California by Jennifer Strom

Dr Brad Hubbard was the leading neurosurgeon in his field, possessing a god-like 51nkdzv9gslconfidence in his own abilities. He liked to be in charge, everything had to be just so and by his command. There were those who joked he was nothing more than a humanoid robot, never showing emotion. Some thought him to be Dr Perfect, except when it came to women. He loved his women. Supermodels, colleagues’ partners, nothing was taboo. Then a fateful encounter changed his life for ever. He had been determined to leave, but was thrust into the chaos of A&E before a woman about to be pronounced dead. One look at her changed him. He did all he could to wrestle her from the thoes of death, and he had succeed. Leaving people to ask what it was about this woman that broke his steely, infallible nature. The answer was simple, she had been the love of his life, long before he came to work within these walls. Their meeting now, when he could save her, seemed like fate. But he had changed so much from that love sick teenager, life had hardened him, he had grown into a man she would not recognise, least of all because amongst all the changes he had opted to also change his name. She was unaware of their shared history, only of the man before her wanting to help her heal. He loved her more than any other woman, but he could not help but wonder if he should reveal his secret and pursue redemption, or allow her to simply move on and lose her again.

In places the first person narrative of this book was reminiscent in places of the TV series Grey’s Anatomy had it been from Derek Shepherd perspective. But it, of course, has its own tale to tell. One of mistakes and regrets, love and loss, perhaps even amends. Dr Hubbard was well-written, and his inner turmoil reflected well. The character’s reactions in certain circumstances and relating to specific events didn’t enhance the plot, or aid their personal development, like they could have. However it was a book I really enjoyed reading, especially the non-generic ending.

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Sometimes it rains in California 


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