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Book review: Subnormal by Stuart Kenyon

Britain was in trouble. Austerity became the way of life, global recession hit everyone, with 51nkdzv9gslthe election drawing near everyone wanted to win support, but a new group, Unity, made promises which seemed too good to be true. A self-sustaining, profiting Britain on the rise to the glory it knew in the less than distant past. They planned to stop foreign aid and get their own house in order. They won, but people had no idea what voting them into power would reap. They would keep their promises, but Britain would not be recognisable. Its populace had purpose, crime rates are low, unemployment almost a thing of the past. Everyone has a place where their skills were utilised. At least to those looking in, but the truth of Britain’s transformation is darker and more horrific than anyone would realise, and only scarce few evaded the control of this new rule. But they are a minority, subnormal, what could such a selection hope to achieve? Perhaps more than you think, especially when they realise how this drastic and easily-accepted change came about. People thought the government knew what they were doing, but they were wrong. Unity’s queen bee was in charge now, and everyone thought exactly how she wanted them to… Well almost everyone.

I’ll say one thing for Stuart Kenyon , he likes to write the gritty and unpleasant, pulling the reader far from their comfort zones in an unbuffered, non-diluted way. So much of what he writes could easily come to pass, attitudes for such things are already blooming across the world. He simply takes it that little bit further, and some of what he writes will invoke and stimulate an array of emotions within the reader. In Subnormal he designs a vast and complex cast of characters, all cogs within his tale which beautifully mesh and interlink with each other to craft his vivid and well-connected plot. Everything you read eventually becomes part of the bigger picture, and what a terrible one it is.
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