Book review: Oblivion’s Forge (Aona series Book 1) by Simon Williams

I have recently finished reading Oblivion’s Forge (Aona series Book 1) by Simon Williams. I will start by saying, that the author’s style, in some respects reminded me of Terry Goodkind, and he was an author whose work I really enjoyed, so needless to say, for me this was a good read.

The author creates a multitude of diverse characters, and the story follows three main ones whose journey takes them on very different paths; this of course means we are presented with a rare opportunity to witness different events, and piece together the information each of them know to come to a greater understanding about what exactly is happening on Aona. I particularly enjoyed how real the characters were, each of them, as any one does, has their own vices and flaws, which play a role in shaping them.

Throughout the story we learn much of the world and the conflicts of old, there has clearly been a great deal of thought put into the races, their backgrounds, alliances, and history, not to mention the plot, which ties everything together so well.

I can’t really put too much about the story and events, as they will spoil the reading experience for anyone who buys it, but it is certainly well presented and drives the reader forward. Last night I was so close to the end I couldn’t bring myself to put it down as I just had to know what happened, this of course meant a very late night for me, but it was worth every minute.

I would recommend this book to adults who enjoy reading fantasy, especially fantasy with a darker twist.

Why not take a look for yourself:

US $0.99 Oblivion’s Forge (Aona series Book 1)

UK £0.99  Oblivion’s Forge (Aona series Book 1)


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