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Book review: Otis, the Jumping Hairy Eyeball: Underwater by Mike Rider

Everybody knows when hairy eyeballs eat jumping beans they can jump REALLY far, and 51ia6ftw7vl-_ss300_Otis has had a whole bowl for his breakfast and is ready for his next adventure. He climbs the highest hill, and boing, off he goes. He lands with a splash in the ocean and meets many new friends, but jelly beans don’t grow in the sea, how will Otis get out to continue his jumping adventures?

This book is charming. I read it with my three year old just this afternoon, it introduces an array of sea creatures by name, whose pictures are beautifully and vibrantly illustrated. My son enjoyed pointing out the animals in the pictures as he followed the adventure. Lightly educational, beautifully illustrated, and fun to read. My son really enjoyed following this underwater adventure.

Book link

Otis, the Jumping Hairy Eyeball: Underwater


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