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Book review: The Nightmare Birds by Amie Irene Winters

Daisy Darling remembers very little about her mother, her perfume, her flannel clothes, 31446503and now, after a book about the theatre of ? Was brought to he she remembers the final words her mother spoke before disappearing from her life. The person offering Daisy the book had asked for but one thing in exchange for the time, that Daisy try to verify the existence of this theatre, of a place Van Gough was said to visit before creating his most prominent work, just months before his suicide. It was said those who saw the theatre perform were never the same, and some never returned at all. Can Daisy find this elusive theatre, and maybe even answer questions as to what became of her mother? And if she does, will she be ready for what she finds?

This book is the second in the Strange Luck series written by Amie Irene Winters. Having read the first one I could absolutely not wait to sink my teeth into the next installment. I was not disappointed. We follow the protagonist Daisy Darling as she begins a quest delivered to her at Strange Luck, and what an adventure she is led on. This book possessed the same charm and flair as its predecessor, with an extra added darkness looming on the horizon. Very well written, and an incredibly entertaining read. Daisy’s character continues to develop and surprise us, and we meet a whole array of deep and interesting characters as the story unfolds. If you want action, suspense, mystery and magic you won’t be disappointed.

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The Nightmare Birds




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