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Book review: The Borman Factor by Robert Lalonde

It all started with the murder of investigative reporter Terry Reynolds. The local police wp-1485106851329.jpgwanted to chalk it down to a mugging, but Stan Novak isn’t convinced. He thinks there is more to this than it was made to appear, but pressure from the mayor sees the investigation ruled a mugging gone wrong. It is election year after all. Nick Borman investigates industrial espionage for a living, but after a conversation with Bill Piermont, an old friend of his and the father of Terry’s wife, he willingly accepts the case. He expected to investigate a simple murder, his gut had warned him it wouldn’t be a fun ride, and boy was it right. Borman uncovers a trail of bribes and underhanded deals, and now must follow the money to uncover the truth behind Terry’s murder.

Robert Lalonde’s The Borman Factor is an action packed, investigative thriller filled with deceit and corruption. The scene is well set, and the alternating narrative between third and first person flows really well. Being well-paced, this book is sure to appeal to lovers of the genre, and written in such an accessible manner that people reading out of their genre will find themselves following along effortlessly. A strong debut novel for the character of Nick Borman.

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