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Book review: NED by David Sgalambro

NED is a horror/thriller written by author David Sgalambro  centring around the story’s main focus, NED.

Homeless NED has kept to himself, posture slumped,  head down,  protecting his scare few belongings,  memories of a 51htpmngs1lbetter time, and perhaps catalysts to his madness.  But not everyone is accepting of those down on their fortune,  one particular altercation left NED worried and stored within him a darkness.  A group of youths sporting leather jackets had gone out of their way to harass him,  intimidate him, and threaten violence.  They left with a warning,  there were more of them patrolling, and his kind weren’t welcome in their neighbourhood.  The leather jacket bullies had him on edge,  soon he watched everyone and anyone sporting that attire was deemed a threat, even people like Trent,  who had often shown him kindness. But from the threat bred paranoia, and a determination not to be forced from these streets by anyone. No matter what he had to do, how far he had to go.

David Sgalambro has an interesting, tense, and gripping style,  reminiscent in places of old classics in structure and expression. The images conjured are vivid in all their horror as we meet characters like Trent, and become invested in their lives and dreams. within the pages of NED is a tale of horror, which could very likely be someone’s reality, and David Sgalambro beautifully takes the transition of a peaceful man into insanity and horrific acts and gives it life and terror. This is one of those books you will sit thinking about long after finishing. The collision of realities, and depth given to the characters make this one book certainly worth reading.


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