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Book review: Dark Associations by Marie Sutro

Dark Associations is a crime fiction thriller written by Marie Sutro

Kate Barnes, a detective in the SFPD with a haunted past paved in guilt, tries to keep 51wr8yeqazlpeople at a distance, but in every day life even the simplest of exchanges can develop into something more. Kate was selected to be mentor, to watch over and guide the impressionable mind of a brilliant student whose idolisation of her role-model led to tragedy. When Kate looks upon the brutal scene of her prodigy’s murder she swears to bring her killer to justice, but soon discovers there is more to this case than an isolated event. A serial killer, known as the Tower Torturer, has reared his head, his focus on Kate and the women she holds dear. This brutal killer has already once slipped through the hands of the FBI. Can she bring him to justice before he once again fades into the background, or worse, kills everyone close to her while forcing her add to the burden of guilt she already bears?

There is nothing I love more on a dark night than sitting with a book and trying to work out ‘who-done-it’ before the truth is revealed. I love watching and reading murder mysteries, be it the more widely enjoyed CSI or the old classics first penned by Agatha Christie or  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. When I read a book of this genre it has a lot of expectations to meet in order to receive a five star and Dark Associations ticked all the boxes for me. It is dark, gripping, tense, and filled with deep and interesting characters. From the onset I knew this book had promise, but I did not expect to be so blown away by the author’s skill at creating tension and a complex plot to keep the reader guessing right until the end. If time had allowed there would have been no prying this book from my hand, and I always wanted to read just a little longer. I will certainly be on the look out for more books from Marie Sutro, and would not find myself surprised, in the future, to find myself watching it on TV. A great book, deserving of five stars and my highest praise.

Book link for pre-order:

Dark Associations


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