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After a whirlwind romance from love at first sip to a wedding on the beach, life had reviewseemed smooth sailing. But Lisa wanted children, but Jeff was not quite ready and, given how much he missed his own childhood pet, suggested a trial run with a cat. It turns out this had been one of Jeff’s only good ideas. Failed business ventures quickly exhausted their savings, and Lisa hated the long commute to work. The tension in the home had become a source of great unrest and Tom, the feisty ginger cat, waking her up at 4am every day was not helping. Lisa soon comes to realise that she can not longer see a future with Jeff, and his cat. She turns to another man, ending their marriage and is relieved to see the back of them both. Jeff is torn apart, and seeks comfort by confiding his concerns in Tom, while trying to provide the best life he can for his somewhat mischievous feline, but his aptitude for business is anything but good.

This is certainly  a unique read, the sections from Tom’s perspective really made me grin at times, as a cat owner myself I’ve been on the receiving end or witness to some of Tom’s quirks. It is a brilliantly written, engaging, and enjoyable story about relationships, not only between a cat and his human, but between families and loved ones as well. I have to say there were parts of this book that really made me chuckle, in fact, one of Jeff’s business ventures in particular still has me grinning, but I won’t spoil it by saying which. If you have a moggy of your own, or simply enjoy a good story infused with heartbreak, romance, and comedy, then this is a read for you.

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