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Book Review: An Invisible Murder by Joyce Cato (@MaxineBbooks)

Starting a new job is never easy. It is just as well Jenny knew she’d be perfect 51j01GA7EaLfor the live in position at Avonsleigh Castle. Everything was going smoothly, the interview went off with just a small bout of nerves and she slipped into the role like a hand in to a well fitted glove. The food earned compliments, as well it should when prepared by a woman whose passion is cooking. But this incredible start came with a complication, someone in the house had a murderous agenda, Jenny has barely had time to unpack when they struck, and more concerning issue that she is forced by her new employer to help the police get to the bottom of this tragedy.

Hints and clues threaded amidst an involved plot ensure you’ll be contemplating events alongside Jenny as the investigation occurs. Well written in the appropriate tone for the setting which adds authenticity to what proves to be an enjoyable read. This is certainly the kind of book you can play whodunit while reading. If you pay attention as events unfold you’ll certianly work it out.

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