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Book review: Cloak of The Two Winds by Jack Massa

It started with a dream. A promise of treasure and riches. While others were hunting reviewLonn and his klarn broke away from their group to follow this whimsical promise. A ship was coming, ripe for the raiding. Unusual at the time of year but Lonn had seen it. And there were those he said he could have been a dreamseer. It came as promised, but its cargo was not all he had been fortold, and yet unknown to him It possessed something of such great value that it would see them leave the comforts of their home to embark on a long and perilous journey. They had stolen from a witch, and in turn had brought a new wrath upon them. Their friend Glyssa was taken, but her absence would be the least of their concerns if only they understood what their actions could wrought. They had not just taken any old treasure, they had taken something capable of plunging the world itself into chaos. And now, thanks to their actions, it was in the wrong hands.

This was a great tale with an intricately woven plot. The characters were fun and developed which always makes for a good read. Great world building, some beautifully described imagery and no shortage of imagination. All in all, a strong first book to what looks to be a promising series.

Book link:

Cloak of The Two Winds


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