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Gavin Shawlins is on the run, only he doesn’t know it. Following their last mission for the reviewLambeth Group someone realised he knew something important, something that could put the US itself at risk. Zoe Tampsin, on the order of her superior, takes him and goes dark. In exchange for Gavin the US have offered The UK billions in upgrades, a manhunt of epic proportions is about to begin, no quarter will be shown, no stone unturned. Zoe swears to protect him at all costs, attempting to tease a secret, that even he doesn’t realise he knows, from him. Time is running out.

I really enjoy reading Gordon Bickerstaff ‘s books. He weaves excellent tales of secrets and conspiracies, all enhanced by vivid characters. It is rare for me to say that something would work well on the big screen, as either a series or movies, but these books would. They are dark, interesting, believable, and could easy be transferred into a gripping film. I certainly had a hard time putting this book down. If you want to lose yourself in a thrilling, action packed, conspiracy, espionage, then this is certainly a read you’ll enjoy.

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The Black Fox