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Book review: Angel’s Nightmare Adventure by Angel Ramon

Angel was nervous about the operation to correct his overbite. He wanted to impress reviewTiffany, a girl in his school, but the pain from the operation is not his concern. It was a fear stemmed from the video game he has been playing into the early hours of the morning. Zombies had invaded a hospital, and in the game he stalked the corridors killing them. Perhaps it wasn’t the best thing to do before going for surgery, then again, if he hadn’t perhaps he wouldn’t have been as prepared for the situation he faced. He awakes on the bed, the operation had not even been started, and everyone was dead. But they weren’t just dead, they were undead, and it’s not just people who have turned.

There’s also the added bonus of Luis’ story, but I didn’t want to risk disclosing all.

A quick read written in the present tense, it reminds me a lot of levels from the old House of the Dead arcade games that I lost many hours and pounds to growing up with, as well as including a touch of Resident Evil. It was a fun, mindless read that appealed to the gamer in me, things like finding ammo in lockers and solving puzzles to gain access to rooms etc never failed to make me smile. I’ll be honest, if you’re looking for an atmospheric, disturbing, real to life zombie survival story then this isn’t what you’re after, but if you’re after a gaming fan fiction version that doesn’t take itself seriously you’ll really enjoy this.

Book link:

Angels’ Nightmare Adventure


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