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The Killing of John, John, and John by Elizabeth O’Neill

Lily is a troubled twelve year old girl, her mother is a well-known ‘dominatrix’, and such reviewthings reflect poorly on a child.  She takes solace where she can, but in all the wrong places. Drinking, smoking, and  sex. She feels her own life’s chapters have no happy endings, something only made worse by her  mother, and her insistence she starts to help with her own work. She lives solely for the fleeting  escapes, but she can never flee far enough.

A dark story. Reading about lily’s life is like watching a training wreck, it is horrific, you see and understand what is happening, and yet you can’t tear your eyes away.  The author has a great talent to writing phonetic dialogue, and it certainly is worthy of praise. However, for me as a reader it detracted from the legibility and flow off the story. I understand it gives a native feel, but feel the odd appropriate word would have been better. There are other readers who will love the authenticity. This aside it is a good read, horrific, and true to the attitudes of the era being reflected upon.

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