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Book review: It Lives by Angel Berry

It started with a storm. Qadir, Uffe, and Ewe had been out on their raft, minding their own 51rouk9igylbusiness, fishing, relaxing, bonding as three friends would. Ewe had wanted to bring home a gift for Isla’s father, to prove himself worthy of her hand, but when the storm hit all hopes of such a token had been lost. But then, shrouded by the rain, illuminated by the lightning as it chased across the sky, a ship came into view. What else would three young men do if not investigate? The crew had been slaughtered, but it seemed the boys would not return empty handed after all. They found a metal chest and claimed it as their own, thinking of the riches it could hold. Their bravery on daring to board the sinking vessel had been rewarded. Or had it? They had been warned before even entering their village to return it from whence it came, the chest contained evil. But the chest would not wait for them to open it, and its contents had been nothing like any of them would have dared imagine and it brought with it a story almost as old as time.

Highlighting key areas of religious belief Angel Berry’s It Lives Casts a new spin on religious myth, weaving it into a new fiction. At 35 pages it is quite a short tale, but covers a great span of time in an interesting tale of the ages. Angel Berry takes events such as the garden of Eden, the great flood, etc and weaves them into their own fable, bringing the reader up to the story’s present. Glimpses of insight into past events will intrigue and inspire, as they become a new tale, one of good, evil, balance and corruption.

Book link:

It Lives


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