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Book review: The Phantom of Faerie Mountain by E M McIntyre

Abby has had to leave her home in Nebraska and return to her homeland of Scotland. review imageShe misses her friends, and the weather was far from that she was accustomed to. Little did she know she wouldn’t have too much time to fixate on such things. A strange creature linked with her, he needed the Red King to free him, but who this mythical figure is, and what became of them is unknown to her. Abby couldn’t shake this strange encounter from her mind and sought to discover more, but all knowledge has a cost. She shares her mother’s spirit for adventure, and journeys to the place she was last seen. But fate has been waiting for her, and Abby finds herself far from home, in a time so different to her own. Her only hope of returning is to do as she was asked and seek out the Red King, but to survive in a land and time so unfamiliar she will need an ally.

This book had me hooked from  the start. I read it in a single sitting and enjoyed every moment of Abby’s story. There is lore and myth, magic, and friendship, all in a perfect combination. The book held my interest from beginning to end, and the characters, even those playing small roles, are well written and possess depth.

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