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Book review: Janalya by Marie Godley

Janalya was a wonderful child, born to a line which once belonged to elementals. Her review imageparents had their suspicions, she would find happiness standing outside in the roaring winds, hearing its silent whisper calling to her. Then came the day she was identified as being a child of the moon. She left her home to train, but as the years passed it became apparent she had been the last to be discovered. She is sent out, alone, in search of more elementals, but instead she finds Katsuo, and her destiny.

Janalya is a good teen/ young adult read. It is an easy, laid-back read with a story that flows nicely. The author’s style is well suited to the age group. It’s a journey of self-discovery and friendship and coming to understand the powers she, and others, were born with.

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