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Book review: Blackwing by Stephen Drake

Socrates Blackwing was a war hero, he had felled dragons, and helped to bring a time of review imagepeace for his people. But they were vain, and his injuries served only as a reminder of the ugly truth. He continued his tasks, ever vigilant, hunting down criminals and upholding the honour of the seven planes. But then he was given his most challenging mission yet, a realm consisting of a human planet known as Earth had been infiltrated by some of his own kind, seeking to exploit those there. He has been charged with the retrieval of those breaching the most sacred laws of his kind. But nothing could have prepared him for what he would discover.

I have read every book this author has written, so needless to say I am a fan of his work. This book tackles a new genre and style to his Displaced series, and it is done so with skill. I really enjoyed reading the tales and exploits of Blackwing, his challenges and hardships. The world building is fantastic, as is the interpretation of things as perceived through the eyes of a stranger. The characters show great development and depth, and I found myself quickly pulled into an adventure which is anything but predictable. Treachery, betrayal, manipulation, magic, mythology, and loyalty this book has it all.

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