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Book Review: Speared by a Merman by Shady Fae

Speared by a Merman by Shady Fae is an erotic short story.

Jacee was a pop sensation, desperately seeking a moment of respite from her adoring fans. They, like the paparazzi, hounded her relentlessly, her most private moments on display 32079634for the world to see. She had to get away, take time for herself or risk another breakdown. The ocean became her sanctuary. Upon her yacht miles from another living soul surrounded by the great expanse where she could shed the pressures of life and be emerged in the peace and tranquillity of the water. But such relaxation has its limits, she was determined to follow the rules imposed on her, no phone, no connection to the outside world, just complete and utter silence. But one cannot live a life as busy as hers and willingly drift in obscurity for long before becoming boring. Reading, sunbathing, it all seems so dull, so empty. But unbeknown to her, beneath the waves, there is someone who has found even her dullest moments fascinating. Their kind are forbidden from contact with the human world and yet Cerulean has been watching, worshipping, this human goddess from afar but this day he knows something is different. He can feel the loneliness emanating from her. He decides to breach the laws of his people, offering her a way to ease the tension in ways she never imagined.

Having read my fair share of books with erotic interactions I can honestly say that whilst a few of parts are cringe worthy Shady Fae handles most of the erotic scenes nicely. Speared by a Merman is a quickie (wink wink). It is a short read and answers questions most fantasy tales don’t expand on regarding the physical aspect of mermaid and human relations. Being a short story there isn’t much room for character development, and personally I would have preferred a little more wooing and romance. I can however appreciate the lust-fuelled steamy encounter for its merits. On the whole the premise the story is good and Shady Fae has a nice writing voice. I didn’t however, feel this was everything it could have been, especially given the obvious talent of the author.


Book link:

Speared by a Merman


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