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Book review: Infertility Cured Naturally: Get Pregnant Now by Janie Lee Barlow

Infertility Cured Naturally: Get Pregnant Now by Janie Lee Barlow is a short but interesting 41jhfsjp6lread addressing the many causes of infertility and ways it can be addressed. Divided into sections it first introduces and discusses female problems which result in infertility and difficulty conceiving and then male,  shedding the forced illusion that a majority of conception issues are on the woman’s side.  While it is true there appear to be more places things can go wrong for a woman the male side makes up approximately 40% of diagnosed issues according to the information within. If you are having problems conceiving,  or planning to start trying for a child in the future within this book is some useful information which can be applied whether or not you have issues conceiving.

In all truth I was expecting a little more on the natural remedy front,  so I was a little disappointed to find its focus is on diet, exercise, stress etc.  Whilst the information is supported by research the things suggested are largely standard practice,  don’t eat junk,  exercise,  control stress etc etc.  Whilst these factors can add to the body’s overall health and in turn make conception easier Infertility Cured Naturally: Get Pregnant Now fails to touch on the promised wonder of natural remedies,  except the benefits of certain foods. The information is,  however, Janie Lee Barlow has designed and created well presented, easily accessible informative read.  There is a lot of ground swiftly and comfortably covered on a subject which can cause great stress.  It is handled respectfully and could serve as a useful reference as a things to try first guide.


Book link:

Infertility Cured Naturally: Get Pregnant Now


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