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Book review: Random Word Stories: Volume 1 by Eli Goldfarb

Random Word Stories: Volume 1 is a collection of short stories written by Eli Goldfarb. 31120217Throughout this book the author chooses a single word, defines it, and writes a story based around it. This provides the perfect opportunity for an author to show their diversity, creativity, and imagination. The words chosen are often little used, thus make for not only an interesting tale but an exercise in self-improvement.

I was drawn to Random Word Stories: Volume 1 having read a like styled book before done as an indie author collaboration for charity. The idea is a fun one, and goes a long way in showing the depth of Eli Goldfarb’s imagination. After all a single word has many meanings and interpretations, some obvious, some bizarre, and others surprising and in this vein so too are the tales. I actually enjoyed most of the stories, but for some reason Foible sticks in my mind, focusing around a creation discarded due to imperfection. A long time ago a dear friend once said to me when people don’t understand something they stare, they abuse, and then they break it. This tale was the embodiment of their words, and reflects a sad truth of human nature. The author’s style is adaptive and fitting to the tales, some of which are linked relating to earlier events or stories which I always feel to be a nice touch in such a compilation. This makes for a perfect night time read, the length of the stories vary greatly and due to the diverse style and topics it is an easy book to become immersed in.


Book link:

Random Word Stories: Volume 1



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