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Book review: Sisters and Rivals by Margaret Lynette Sharp

Sisters and Rivals by Margaret Lynette Sharp is a short romance story revolving around 25681360two sisters and their partners. Linda is a simple woman with simple needs. She wants to be loved and respected. She wants to find that special someone to build a life with but one thing stands in her way, her flirtatious sister Tessa. Whenever Linda feels she has her chance Tessa comes along and steals her happiness away. It wasn’t enough that Tessa stole Tom from her and is making grand plans for their upcoming wedding, now he is away it seems she has her sight trained on Harry, Linda’s new sweetheart. Secret conversations shared in hushed whispers give rise to suspicion and doubt. Tessa had no qualms being the centre of every man’s desire and it seems fidelity is of no concern, to her at least, but Tom feels differently. How can Linda trust them when the past seems to always repeat itself?

Sisters and Rivals is reminiscent of a screenplay in the sense it is dialogue focused and driven. This style, adopted by Margaret Lynette Sharp, works well in leaving details to the reader’s imagination. It was an enjoyable read with the ability to cause a reader to reflect on what the outcome would be. Frustration, mistrust, and dilemmas run rampant as the story progresses. I did feel Sisters and Rivals ended too abruptly leaving it, for me at least, with an incomplete feel. Overall it was an enjoyable read with interesting and well-portrayed characters.


Book link:

Sisters and Rivals


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