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Book review: The Light of Reason by David Litwack

David Litwack’s The Light of Reason is the third and final instalment in The Seeker’s series.

Orah and Nathaniel reach the shores of home, completing a long and eventful journey.  But the land they left behind is not the one they return to find.  Whispers and lies cloud 4163a4sbinlthe minds of people as vicars as deacons spread falsehoods about the tragic end of the heroes’ journey in a desperate attempt to regain control,  reinstate belief of the divinity of the Sun icon and thus reaffirm their own power. Their return proves their words false,  but how quickly people return to the security of ancient beliefs.  Better not to question,  better to ignore the proof, than to be hauled to Temple City. But having witnessed some of the falsehoods for themselves there are those who would rise up, and there is no greater proof of deception than the return of the seekers.  Orah and Nathaniel have allies, those who would follow them to war rather than live in fear as cowards. But will the seekers of truth be forced to turn away from it,  from everything they have discovered? Could war really be the only answer?  When the die is cast will those who sought truth seek salvation and security in lies?

David Litwack’s voice is a brilliant example of first person narrative.  The Light of Reason is filled with imaginative ideas, beautiful descriptions and well-scripted dialogue spoken by fascinating characters, all combined to drive the reader deeper into the tumultuous choices the seekers of truth must face.  Should they turn against the very foundations of their beliefs for what could be the greater good,  or should truth itself be the guiding light? As the third and concluding book in a trilogy David Litwack masterfully creates a self-contained story, and whilst knowledge of the previous adventures would create deeper and more meaningful bonds as you follow the heroes’ struggle,  it is easy to come in at book three, and understand the what,  why, and how without having read the previous tales.


Book link:

The Light of Reason


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