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Book review: Raven. A Dark Fantasy Short Story by Angel Leya.

Raven. A Dark Fantasy Short Story by Angel Leya.

Tiva is a woman of beauty, and during her coming of age she was approached by many 51nb8rrqj1lsuitors. Misha has loved this woman for time unspoken, and believes this feeling is mutual. Proud of his respected heritage Misha is almost assured of his victory. Certain that when he offers the magnificent stag he pursues and offers this latest kill he will be granted their hand in marriage. For generations his family have being gaining respect, his great-grandfather pulled their family from the ranks of lowly fishermen to hunters, and each generation has only improved their standing, now it is his turn to bring them honour. Their marriage would see his family further rise the noble ranks. His competition Rokkoo is a fisherman, but the game Misha is stalking should far surpasses that any fisherman could haul. Then Misha sights a new prey, wonderful, beautiful, and deadly. It captures his attention, forever changes his fate, but still the hunt must go on.

Angel Leya’s Raven, A Dark Fantasy Short Story is written in a beautifully descriptive first person narrative and conjurors vivid imagery. Reading the first paragraphs I got a real feel for the forest, for the hunt, and could clearly see it all. As short stories go it was an enjoyable read, but the descriptive opening style seems to tether off which leaves some of the environments and events a little too much to the reader’s imagination. All in all a good story, a quick read but certainly an enjoyable one.


Book link:

Raven. A Dark Fantasy Short Story


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