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Book review: Labor Day Hunt by Calvin Demmer

Labor Day Hunt by Calvin Demmer is a short horror story.

41ay-j7yzrlIt’s Labor day, the official holiday marking the end of summer. While most people are enjoying a restful day Jared answered an advertisement for a job. He was orphaned at a young age and raised by his aunt and uncle. After his uncle passed away it fell to him to run the small store, but ends meat would be a welcome change of fortune. The store cannot support them so he had to seek out other means. But he never imagined this. The advertisement led him to a man named Tim and straight into the heart of the Silverfields Nightlight Society.  A society older and more terrifying than anything he thought possible. Money is no longer a concern, escaping with his life will be payment enough.

This is a nice quick read for a late night, whilst the setting is not as atmospheric as Hungry Ghosts, another short story I’ve read by Calvin Demmer, it does clearly display the author’s diversity and style. Its rapid pace and action make it easy to keep the pages turning. It may be only a short story, but the information supplied on the characters during the tale is perfectly streamlined so not to disrupt the story’s flow, yet leave you understanding them and their motivations.

Book link:

Labor Day Hunt


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