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The Dacia Horde thought the Descendants of the Madiis Tenebris had  been wiped  out. reviewFor centuries vampires had  kept their feud hidden, keeping humans safe from the fierce and brutal war. But things had changed. Sanguine had discoverered a means of breaching the boundaries and opening a path the the vampire afterlife. Within he discovered a blood so powerful, so evil, those consuming it could weird powerful arcane magic (or majik) stemmed from darkness itself. Valid was forced to enlist  the aid of a human, Geneviève, when it appears the  conflict will jeopardise humanity itself. She is investigating an unusual murder, the murder of Valdo’s own fiance Melaina Lilith, and  the mystery surrounding her death was both baffling and astounding.  The Descendants of the Madiis Tenebris have already taken  his love from him and he will not allow them to destroy his clan as well. Interested? Well this is just the first of many unique tales.

A Confabulated Compendium of Anecdotes by Melissa H North is a wonderful collection of short stories which read as a cross between old fables, fantasy and steampunk.  This is certainly a diverse collection of unique tales and each one will take you on a new and interesting adventure. The author’s style  is eloquent and easily  a conjures depths to imagery and sets wonderful scenes. My favourite of all the tales was Cirque Monter En Flèche, but if you want to find out why, or even discover your own favorite in this wonderful compendium, you’ll have to pick up a copy for yourself.

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